Модуль Allen Bradley 440R-EM4R2 SER A

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Модуль Allen Bradley 440R-EM4R2 SER A, можно купить в ООО «ОКС» по низкой цене из наличия на складе, а также под заказ со сроком поставки от 15 дней. Доставка осуществляется по всей России и странам СНГ.


Модуль Allen Bradley 440R-EM4R2 SER A


EM/EMD, Safety Relay Expansion Module

Easily add 4 N.C. instantaneous (EM) or delayed (EMD) outputs to a system
Single wire safe connection expands system without using any outputs of base module
Self-monitoring outputs
Time delay configured from 0-300 s
Timer functions include: on delay, off delay and jogging
Can replace the following Guardmaster safety relays: MSR132E, MSR132ED

Allen Bradley Guardmaster Expansion Module Relay

The Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440-R series is a safety relay expansion module with a supply voltage of 24VDC. It has 4NO instantaneous outputs and 1PNP auxiliary output. The functionality of 2 standard safety relays can be achieved in one dual input (DI) device, allowing the connection of two dual-channel input devices into one safety relay. The single-wire safety connection simplifies cascading and expanding safety functions by linking relays with a single-wire connection. A dynamic signal from device to device provides a linkage in accordance with SIL 3 and PLe, allowing easy addition of extra I/O that can be configured with simple logic combinations. Also, ’and/or’ logic can be configured simply in a single relay or through a combination of relays via a single-wire connection.

Features and Benefits

Single wire safe connection expands the system without using any outputs of the base module
Self-monitoring outputs
MTTFd is 190 years
PFH is 1.81 x 10-9
Time delay configured from 0 second to 300 seconds
Timer functions includes on delay, off delay, and jogging


IEC 60204-1
EN ISO 13849-1
EN ISO 12100
IEC 61508
CE certified
UL listed
TUV certified